Take Your Obstacle and Barriers and

Make That the Reason for Succeeding!

Have there always been obstacles and barriers stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals?

Are you finally ready to do something for you? Something that will make you feel and look great?

Then let me help you take those obstacles and barriers and make them the reason for you succeeding! And if we are honest it’s not just about shedding pounds, it's about shedding insecurities and fears. I will help guide you to drop so much of the things burdening you down through your life so we can unlock your greatest gift... YOU!

I know not just because I have been there, but because I have helped others who have been there too!

Annelize, Mum of 2, Partner to Lewis and Fitness Enthusiast

To me exercise is about far more than the aesthetic part, it’s about how it makes me feel. Exercise got me out of a very dark place where I was depressed, a time when I lost all my confidence and felt completely alone. I remember that amazing feeling after my first workout, I won't lie it was hard but I felt alive for the first time in over a year! The muscle soreness the next day was even a bigger reminder that I was alive and that I was doing something for me! I was working out 4 to 6 times a week and that 30 to 45 min gave me the energy and the endorphins to tackle each day.

I discovered how what I ate affected my training, my mood and just generally how I was feeling. I discovered I can still enjoy food but just explore different ways of eating that won't make me feel like I was missing out or deprived.

One of the goals I set was that I wanted to feel stronger and be able to do full press-ups. Within 6 weeks I stopped doing press-ups on my knees and was able to do full press-ups. It was such a great feeling of achievement. My body shape changed, I felt and looked the best I had ever looked. So strong and not just physically but mentally too. Pushing myself each time an exercise was hard helped me gain great resilience.

I just knew I wanted to help others feel this way... and just like that Annelize the fitness coach was born! I stood in the Studio that helped me get to this point thinking I want a studio just like this! My journey as a fitness coach let me to work with postnatal women through my OneFitMama franchise that I bought for my area. I worked with PT clients and launched other group exercise sessions too. I love combining different fitness modalities time to time. (What is ZUU? Click here to find out)

That feeling of wanting my own studio, just like the one I stood in, didn’t go away so I stopped dreaming and decided to make it happen. I got my very own studio, Studio Fit Gloucester, where I use the Fitcamp Revolution 28 day transformation program to transform lives like it did mine!

I also created an online version similar to the program that helped me!

Home Program

My Home Program Has Even Helped Those That Hate Exercise!

I created something that's not just another fad diet, its a lifestyle shift.

  • Variety of online workouts to choose from, including mini-workouts when limited for time that I know works.
  • My clients feel and see results quickly.
  • Delicious meal and snack ideas that won't make you feel deprived or like you are missing out.
  • I know it will save you time because you train at home virtually with me.
  • I will even show you how to stay active whilst doing jobs around the house, having fun with your kids or whilst on holiday.
  • Our focus and program is so powerful it truly is a vehicle of change.
  • I know it's not just about fitting in a smaller dress, it's about longevity and being healthy, so it’s a program you can follow for life.

Are You Ready to Train at Home With Me to Stay Motivated?

Are You Ready to Look and Feel Your Absolute Best?

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Fitcamp - 28 Day Program

The Fitcamp Revolution 28 day program has changed many lives like it did mine. This is where you get to work out with me in real life at my studio.

A program where:

  • We train together in small groups of likeminded people all with after similar results
  •  We have formed a supportive and friendly community where people come first
  •  A place where we help you achieve your goals through our coaching and accountability 
  • No boring machines or treadmills in sight… 
  • Not a quick fix or fad diet where you will just return to your old ways after the program
  • Be part of the community long term

A step by step plan guiding you with:

  • training
  • nutrition
  • mindset and
  • accountability

Here is where you will discover our Fitcamp Revolution program which is our ‘application only’ 28 day transformation program.

Class Fit Mums Postnatal Classes

The Class Fit Mums postnatal classes have helped lots of mums to recover, restore and rebuild their postnatal bodies after having a baby. This is where you and your baby get to work out with me in real life!

Programs where:

  • We train together in small groups where you can get fit but join at any fitness level or recovery stage
  • Exercises that are adjusted to your fitness and postnatal bodies needs
  • You can make friends with other like-minded mums that are non-judgemental and where no one bats an eyelid at hungry, crying or pooping babies
  • You can bring your little one so no need for childcare and they can play and make friends whilst you get to do something for you

With an instructor that:

  • Is a fully qualified postnatal fitness instructor
  • Who have won Instructor of the year
  • Use exercises and programs that are safe for you and your postnatal body

This is where you will find our postnatal fitness program to help mums return to exercise safely after having a baby whilst still feeling challenged.

Want to recover, restore and rebuild your postnatal body to feel fitter, stronger and healthier? Want to finally do something for you?

Browse all programs here

Kirsty Testimonial

Improved My Health and Fitness Level Whilst Having Fun

"I’m not your typical fitty, I will never be athletic but Annelize has shown me that I can still improve my health and fitness level whilst having fun.

I'm lucky and actually have had the opportunity to do both face-to-face classes and online classes with Annelize!

From the minute I walked into my first class I felt welcomed and supported. I feel healthier, fitter and stronger.

The online classes run a little different but are just as fun and challenging, with the convenience of not having to leave home.

I thoroughly recommend giving it a go!"


Claire Testimonial

Really Quick Results Where You Feel Stronger and More Toned!

"I love Annelize's workouts for lots of reasons.

The flexibility of being able to do the classes online is great!

I really like the ZUU exercises because you get really quick results where you feel stronger and more toned!

Annelize is a great instructor and always explains the exercises really well and her workouts are always varied so you never get bored!

I will keep coming back and really recommend giving it a try!"


Fitter and Stronger Than I Ever Was

“I've always felt like I'm really unfit, but after doing Class Fit just for a few weeks I was genuinely surprised by what I was able to do.

I feel a lot less fat and can see and feel the difference.

And now after a few months, I feel the fittest and strongest I have ever been!”


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