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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my baby to any of the classes?

We aim to make all our classes family friendly and help you exercise without having to arrange childcare. The classes that are set up and best for taking your children would be any of the One Fit Mama classes including the Restore. However we are happy for children to come to any of our classes as long as it working out for all parties.

Can I attend an OneFitMama class without my child?

The answer is simply YES of course you can. 

Do I have to book for a whole term?

We aim to be as flexible as possible. We have no contracts and just ask that you book and pay for our classes for the month in advance. We also know having children can make your schedule unpredictable at times and you might miss a class you have paid for. Again we try to be flexible and as long as we have availability you are welcome to do a catch up for the class you have missed at one of our other venues. 

How soon after having a baby can I start to work out again?

It is recommended to wait 6 weeks after a natural birth and 8 to 12 weeks after a c-section. For our Bootcamps we recommend to wait 10 months post birth unless you have been attending fitness classes for more than 2 months.

Which class can I attend when I have a baby and a toddler?

If your baby is not mobile yet then we recommend to join the baby class as we can have up to 3 toddlers in our baby class

Are all your classes women only?

Not at all! All the One Fit Mama classes are female only however our ZUU classes are for both male and female and so are my Personal Training session. We even offer couple PT sessions.

Do your classes stop during school holidays?

Most of our classes run all year and we only close for 1 to 2 weeks over Christmas. School age children are welcome at our classes and often join in!

Up to what age can my child attend your class?

For our Restore we have no age limit. For our One Fit Mama mum and baby class our babies normally move to the toddler class when they start walking or cruising around. Our One Fit Mama mum and toddler class have no maximum age limit

I am very unfit will I still be able to attend your classes?

Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. All exercises can be adapted to suit the fitness level that you are working at.

What do I need to bring with me when attending your class?

Please wear trainers, bring some water with you and arrive 5 min before class is due to start. You will also need to complete a PARQ form at your first session so please arrive 5 to 10 min early for your first session.

I would recommend to any Mummies looking to get a bit of exercise but don’t have childcare.

Brilliant class! Highly recommend to everyone as its suitable for all abilities, love it!

It’s a great workout in a nice child friendly environment and Annelize is a lovely and encouraging trainer!

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