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Are you ready to look and feel your absolute best?

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This is a lifestyle shift with everything you need in one place. Easy to follow workouts, challenges to keep you motivated, and meal ideas that won't make you feel deprived or like you are missing out!


I've been on the journey of transformation myself and we are in this together. Train with me at home and I will be there every step of the way to keep you motivated. We've got this!

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Diverse but supportive community with no egos that all have the same goal to be fitter, stronger and healthier by using our time saving programs with long term success!

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I use to hate exercise

“Before starting Class Fit, I never would have said I enjoyed exercise, but I can honestly say that has changed.

After every workout I feel great, physically and mentally. I, and people close to me, have seen the positive affects Class Fit has had on me.

I am smashing the targets I set for myself and feeling stronger every day.”


Annelize is an amazing coach

I've always been active and use to attending CrossFit sessions a few times a week. Leah on the other hand has always struggled to find an activity that she enjoys and an keep her motivated. Leah joint first and kept going back for more. I decided to give it a go and Annelize's sessions blew me away.

Annelize's workouts are something we now enjoy together, because the movements can be changed and tailored to our specific needs.Annelize is an amazing coach, never asks you to go further than is safe, and supports and pushes you every step of the way.”

Daryl & Leah

Fitter and Stronger than I ever was

“I've always felt like I'm really unfit, but after doing Class Fit just for a few weeks I was genuinely surprised by what I was able to do.

I feel a lot less fat and can see and feel the difference.And now after a few months,

I feel the fittest and strongest I have ever been!”


Feel Fitter, Stronger and Healthier

Are you ready to look and feel your absolute best?

Are you tired of fad diets and going to the gym with not getting the results you desire? Is your busy family life stopping you from getting to the gym?

I use to be here myself, struggling to fit exercise and cooking healthy meals into my busy schedule. But then I found the solution!

I created a program that is easy to follow at home and will make you not just feel fitter, stronger and healthier but help you look and feel great. It will help improve your mobility to make getting up in the morning and putting your socks on easier. Running after your children or getting up and down from playing with them on the floor won't seem so painful and difficult.

A program with workouts that you do with me to help you stay motivated including ideas to stay active whilst doing jobs around the house, having fun with the family and even on holiday! I even put together a variety of recipes that won't make you feel deprived or like you are missing out which will include a meal planner and shopping list to make it quick and easy to follow!

Feel Fitter, Stronger and Healthier

Are you ready to look and feel your absolute best?