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What is the Zuu?

Designed by Nathan Helberg, Aussie fitness guru and human movement expert, ZUU is high intensity low impact training (HILT) using primal moves – push, pull, bend, twist, squat, lunge and locomotion in a unique 20 minute workout.

The mission of ZUU is to “Liberate Human Movement” and our philosophy is to “Inspire One, Inspire Many”

Movement is crucial for injury prevention and mobility.

Working together increases motivation and helps us reach our goals. No matter where we are in the world our experience tell us human needs are the same. They want to belong. They want to encourage one another freely in an inclusive environment. They want others to encourage them. This can all be found in one of our ZUU classes.

ZUU culture is all about the importance of bringing people together by opening lines of communication and breaking down barriers. This is essential in today’s world, people constantly live in isolation. The human touch is almost non-existent. Both aspects are fundamental of being human and when brought together, form the most important component of ZUU.

Classes run weekly in Cheltenham and Brockworth.

I trust her completely to know what my pregnant body can and can’t handle exercise wise.

Love this class, great workout, great atmosphere and fab instructor!

I have been going to OneFitMama in Cheltenham from the very first class.

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