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Transformation Plan

General transformation to help you feel fitter, stronger, healthier and have better mobility. 

Do you want to improve your strength, muscle tone or maybe loose weight! No need for boring gyms and being tied into a contract!

✅Are ready to have a healthy lifestyle and more energy!
✅Are you ready to have great mobility and better quality of life!
✅Are you ready to have fun running around with your children or grand children!
✅Or get more out of the sport you enjoy then read every word below!
🚨Discover how Mariska lost 4.3kg (thats almost 10lb), improved her muscle tone and build on her strength with incorporating a few small changes to his nutrition and attending 2 to 3 workouts a week for just 6 weeks!

Do you want to gain your confidence back like Mariska did?

It wasn’t that long ago that my partner, Lewis suggested I put my knowledge around exercise and nutrition, which I applied to my own life, into a 6 week program. I opened this up to a group of people and the feedback and uptake was incredible. We were faced with 10 people, some who disliked exercise but who wanted to loose weight for health reasons, others who wanted to get their self confidence back and some who needed help with regaining physical and emotional strength! These were all things I knew my program could help with!

But before I tell you exactly how I helped Mariska and the rest of the group let me introduce myself.

My name is Annelize and a few years ago I had found myself in a bit of a low place. I had lost my confidence and had got so use to eating unhealthy food that healthy food didn’t taste nice and just seemed boring. I was struggling emotionally and wanted to feel strong, healthy and confident again!

I made small changes to start with and started to feel energetic and good again! I started to enjoy healthy food and discovered some fun and enjoyable food choices! Happy hormones were released through exercise and I started to make even bigger changes! My body was changing, transforming and I was suddenly doing 25 full press ups in 30 sec! It felt good.

🔥Fitness lit a fire of passion in me. It gave me my confidence back. Wanting fitness to be part of my life full time and something I could share with others I started looking at how I could achieve this… This is when my dream became a reality! I did my qualification and became a Personal Trainer to help people like me, Mariska and YOU!

A few years on and I now run high energy, fun fitness classes with my partner Lewis! Together we make one hell of a team!

📒I have taken my knowledge and what I have learned over the last few years and put it into our 6 week transformation program. I could just put it all down in a manual and send it to people but I know programs like this work better with support, encouragement and guidance every step of the way!

With our program we give you options from choosing to kick start your lifestyle change to becoming fitter, stronger and healthier and we support you every step of the way!

💃To top it we are doing the kick start 6 week transformation at an amazing price of just £90! But that’s not all, if you commit and follow the program you will get half of that money back after the 6 weeks!


Because we are that confident in our program and know when you reach your goal and get the results your feedback on the transformation program will show other people how we can help them! I also love helping people reach their goals and believe if you are committed and let me help you for 6 weeks that your body WILL transform.

✅You WILL feel fitter, stronger, healthier and have better mobility!!!

Want to know more? Pm us with your email address and we will email you all the information and term and conditions to get this amazing program valued at £120 for just £60!

What Mariska said after doing our program: “Annelize and Lewis really motivates you to push yourself to do more than you think you can do. I would really recommend this class to anyone who wants to up their fitness levels, loose a few inches but hate going to the gym. The classes are a lot of fun and I have made a few fitness buddies that motivate me on this journey. You have nothing but a few inches to loose by trying ZUU.”

What are you waiting for… sign up today to start your transformation!

Here is to being fitter, stronger and healthier!!!

Ready to commit?

The transformation plan run every 6 to 8 weeks and classes run weekly in Cheltenham and Brockworth.

I have been going to OneFitMama in Cheltenham from the very first class.

Love this class, great workout, great atmosphere and fab instructor!

I trust her completely to know what my pregnant body can and can’t handle exercise wise.

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