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TYTAN Fitness

TYTAN Fitness use the amazing TYTAN Belt (designed and created by Nathan Hellberg).

The TYTAN Belt does not need an external attachment point to train giving us the freedom to literally train anywhere with our clients.

It allows you to train with progressive resistance and not just “use gravity” which is far more effective at building lean muscle and burning body fat.

It weighs less than 4lbs making it the most versatile, deployable product.

We have a library of exercises and workouts that we will run for our clients with the TYTAN Belt to keep them engaged to use it to fast track their results.

It adds value to various training systems whether that’s strength work, yoga with isometric holds, tactical for operational readiness, sports specific applications, rehabilitation, the list is endless.

TYTAN BELT is the first COMPLETE RESISTANCE TRAINING SYSTEM to help you achieve your health and fitness goals whether you’re an everyday mum or dad, elite athlete or fitness professional.

The TYTAN Fitness class will be limited to 5 clients to 1 trainer or 5 clients to 1 trainer and 1 coach. It’s very time effective so sessions will be short but intense which makes it ideal for those who have busy schedules but would still like some great results.

TYTAN Fitness can be run as personal training sessions. Classes run weekly in Cheltenham and Brockworth.

I have been going to OneFitMama in Cheltenham from the very first class.

Love this class, great workout, great atmosphere and fab instructor!

I trust her completely to know what my pregnant body can and can’t handle exercise wise.

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