Bungee Fitness

Bungee Fitness now available in Gloucestershire!!!

Want to be the first to come flip and fly yourself fit?

This is not JUST exercise this is an EXPERIENCE! Something truly unique!

Here is a summary of how it all work:

  • Firstly you would book into one of our "intense" beginner workshops. This is to show you the ropes on how to use it safely, learn the basic exercises and have a proper go on the Bungees!
  • Once you completed a workshop you can then start joining the Bungee Fitness classes once the launch! We will also be running some super cool Bungee Fitness theme nights!

We promise if you take the leap you WILL leave with a spring in your step!

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Want to know more?

When we say we have a great variety of classes at Studio Fit Gloucester we really do mean it!
Now this is truly a NEW and FUN way to work out in Gloucester!

What is Bungee Fitness?

  • Bungee Fitness is a revolutionary full body training system for fitness and rehabilitation and is a fun alternative to traditional workouts – a PERFECT addition to our schedule at Studio Fit in Gloucester.
  • It’s the ultimate class to sweat, stretch, swing and smile in a workout you’ll have never experienced before, and once you do, you will keep coming back for more!
  • Our Bungee workout is unique because it combines resistance training with a cardiovascular workout but its low impact. Only a few minutes of exercise gets the heart racing while you learn to fly around the room.
  • Throughout the class, you will use your body to push against the bungee cord.
  • You will be floating weightlessly, dynamically bouncing freely in space, having so much fun you’ll forget how much you sweat.
  • Learning the ASTRO-DURANCE® Bungee Fitness System, taking it slowly with easy movements and learning the basics of bungee training! We start with some basic moves to get you and your body prepared for weightless training that provides absolutely NO stress on joints! Begin to appreciate the feeling of working out only your muscles and building your core in a safe and amazingly fun way.
  • Because Bungee fitness training is anti-gravity and motion based, it is the ultimate in low-impact exercise, with the added benefit of increased blood and lymphatic flow.


  • Revs trainees to high cardio within 20 seconds.
  • Burns up to 1200 calories and leaves metabolism burning for 24 hours!
  • An excellent low-impact workout which is perfect for the body's joints.
  • Improved Core Strength.
  • Improved Balance & Co-ordination.
  • Increased Stamina.


  • Accessible to all different ages and body types and can get people moving.
  • The classes move at varying paces, which means it is suitable people of all ages and weight ranges.
  • Works the entire body with a combination of cardio & strength moves.
  • Bungee G-force increases blood and lymphatic flow- THE key to overall health and healing.


  • Recovery from an Injury? Your Muscles are stimulated with no pressure on delicate joints. Anyone recovering from an injury or have had joint replacement surgery can really benefit from this kind of a low-impact workout without risk of hurting themselves.
  • Fun way to keep fit.


  • Your clothing should be comfortable but nothing too loose or baggy.
  • Working in harness is great fun but can be a little tough on your skin. We recommend wearing several layers around your hips & waist for maximum comfort.
  • Generally snug fitting tracksuit bottoms / leggings and a long sleeved t-shirt that you can tuck in works well.
  • No jewellery is to be worn or anything that can get caught or damage the Bungee / Harness.


  • Make sure you are not overly hungry when attending class, so that you do not get “light-headed” when exercising.
  • BUT do allow any food in your stomach to fully digest prior to attending class, we recommend no less than an hour.
  • Please book onto one of our workshops first for first-time set-up instructions, a bit more in-depth support and opportunity to get to know how it feels and work before booking one of our fitness sessions.
  • Before joining a class, your height and weight are measured to assess the level of bungee support right for you. You’re then fitted with a harness that fastens around your waist and legs, before being hooked onto either one or two bungee cords, dependent on your weight.

We have Bungee Fitness and Bungee Flow class options:

  • Bungee Fitness Workshop is a low impact full body, 1 hour session for first-time set-up instructions, in-depth support to get to know how it works and an opportunity to get to know how it feels to use the Bungee System. Teaching you some of the key Bungee exercises.
  • Bungee Fitness is a high intensity – low impact full body, 45 minute workout that pushes you to your limits, using 6 key Bungee exercises for a HiiT style workout you can really push your cardio fitness and safely on your joints.
  • Bungee Fitness Private Parties have your own private Bungee Fitness session and share this fun way of flipping and flying yourself fit with your friends for a unique party experience in Gloucester!
  • Bungee Flow (Coming Soon) is a lower intensity – low impact full body, 45 minute workout that focusses on using key Bungee exercises and linking them into a flowing sequence.