Are You Ready to Look and Feel Great?

Helping People Feel Fitter, Stronger and Healthier

This program is specifically designed to introduce anyone gently into the Fit Camps and get them off to the best possible start regardless of their fitness level or ability.

You see the beauty of our program and fitness system (HIIT – high intensity interval training & ZUU movements) is that you can ALWAYS work at your own pace. We help you find your entry level and you simple go as quick or as slow as you wish during your workouts with plenty of modified options for the exercises.

My sessions are short, high-energy sessions with a burst of cardio vascular, strength, core and endurance, building on your fitness, strength, mobility and resilience! It’s a total body workout with the majority of sessions being around just 30 minutes long. Not only are the sessions nice and short but we are VERY confident when we claim ‘twice the results, in half the time.’

I focus on using exercises scientifically proven to help strengthen, tone, burn fat and improve your overall fitness without needing traditional boring forms of cardio you would find an a typical commercial gym.

A bit of boring scientific blurb for you – The Fit Camps are highly metabolic, meaning they increase your capacity to burn fat exponentially as you’ll experience a spike in your metabolic rate for around 24-48 hours post exercise.

In summary, it gives you the power to burn calories while you sleep… Pretty awesome right?

This Program Is Ideal For

  • Someone who feel the commercial gym environment isn’t for them
  • Anyone who wants a kickstart to achieving some real results
  • Someone who are bored of their training and want a new focus
  • Anyone who like training in groups of likeminded people

How The Process Works 

1 - Application/Strategy Call

My Fitcamp Revolution 28 day program is application only and to get onboard you will first need to apply. We offer a free strategy call to anyone who submits an application.

This helps us to get a better understanding where you’re currently at, what exactly you’re looking for and what direction you want to go with your results. Once we find clarity on this, it will help us determine whether the program would be a good fit or not.

2 - Program

Before we talk about membership or anything else, we put our focus into our renowned transformation program. We have a set program for both women and men, so if you want to join me at Studio Fit Gloucester you would have to enrol onto our Fitcamp Revolution 28 day program.

It’s a very different approach than just looking to sign you up for a 2 month contract and hoping to never see you again. It puts the ball back into our court, so we can show you just how much you can achieve in a relatively short amount of time. Don’t forget, all our programs guarantee results or your money back!
Now we haven’t even touched on the nutrition element of the program. But as we all know deep down, you can’t out train a bad diet. So it’s worth mentioning as it plays a critical part to the success of the overall Fitcamp Revolution master plan.

We have designed a nutritional framework to work alongside the Fit Camps. Our philosophy isn’t to tell you what you can’t have; no one wants to hear that. Our goal is to show you what you can have, to open your eyes to see just how enjoyable food can be, whilst still following our protocols. Remember ‘healthy nutrition’ doesn’t have to be boring and something that leaves you feeling deprived, it’s about building habits and finding a balance and I’m sure our ‘done for you’ nutrition recipes will help accelerate your results. We even have meal planners that you can follow!

3 - Goals & Expectations

Once you’ve enrolled into the program, we look to get you off to the best start possible. My approach is far more than just some ‘exercise class’. The workouts are just a single piece of the puzzle. We dig into nutrition, mindset and lifestyle habits while giving you all the accountability and support needed.

The most important factor is finding the right balance. This is super important for us, so that you enjoy what you’re doing, you get the results we promise, without it taking over your life.

4 - Maintain

Once you’ve completed our program you’d be qualified to stay on as a member. It’s no secret, that our mission is to keep you on long-term as part of our amazing community. At this point we’re confident you would have made huge progress during your program and we’d love to work with you longer, to maintain your results and keep pushing forward with the progress you’re making.

Apply for the FitCamp Revolution Program TODAY!

If you’ve got this far, you feel you fit the criteria and would at least like to find out a little more info regarding the Fitcamp Revolution 28 day program and our next transformation intake, then go ahead and apply online.

We do have limited spots on each intake and aim to get back in contact to all applications within 24 hours.

“This is far more than just a gym membership, this is a step by step plan guiding you with training, nutrition, mindset and accountability.”

Sounds good?


Then welcome to Studio Fit, it’s a pleasure to meet you

What Happens Next?

A bit of information so you know what happens after you apply

Step 1 – We receive your application form
Once we receive your application form, we will look to review it and make contact within 24 hours. The first point of contact will be a text message to arrange a suitable time to touch base and have a chat.

Step 2 – We arrange a call or time to meet at the Studio
Via text message we’ll arrange a good time to catch up, whether you want to meet at the Studio, or touch base on the phone. Either way we’ll get something booked in, this will be a great opportunity to ask any questions, for us to go over your goals and see which program is a good fit for you moving forward.

Step 3 – You’re accepted into the program
Once accepted into the program, we will take a small deposit payment to secure your spot and invite you to our private Facebook group. We’ll introduce you to the rest of the group and get you booked in for the next available induction slot. You’re never expected to just jump in and join sessions, we make sure we get you in small groups for your induction to get you off to the best start.
Step 4 – You get guaranteed results
If you commit to the plan, follow the nutrition strategies and get stuck into the program, you will 100% see results1

Our Guarantee

As a fitness facility we have two main things we pride ourselves on, the results we promise and the community we create.

We strive to the best part of day each and every day and inspire you to create long lasting change to your life and help you achieve the results you truly deserve.

Fitcamp Timetable