We are not embarrassed to have a long list of requirements that we would ask our members and clients to stick to. That way we can hand on heart say – brownies honour that we have done everything that we can to make every occasion and class as enjoyable and safe as possible for you, other members and clients and our instructors that teach the sessions.


In these Terms and Conditions ‘SF’ shall mean Studio Fit and ‘CFM’ shall mean Class Fit Mums and ‘BF’ shall mean Bungee Fit

(All sessions have been designed for adults that appear to be healthy)

1.0 – Instructions and Participation: (Content of each session: – Warm up / Main / Cool down including stretches)
1.1 If you are late and warm up has started, you may not be allowed to join in a SF, CFM or BF session for your own safety. You would need to do a warmup before you can join the session. See 3.1 our Late Policy for further details.
1.2 Your signed Screening Form & Informed Consent (PARQ) and Terms & Conditions must be completed and received before you can participate in any classes and must be immediately updated if your circumstances change.
1.3 SF, CFM and BF reserve the right to refuse entry to any class or ask to cease their participation if, in their personal opinion, any participant is a risk to themselves or others in the class. This may include (but is not limited to) failure to listen to or comply with the instructions and safety guidelines given, appearing to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and/or the abusive behaviour towards the instructor or other members.
1.4 All activities will be explained and demonstrated. If you feel you have not understood any instruction you must notify the Instructor so that activities can be further explained and demonstrated until fully clear.  It is your responsibility to request, from the coach, any adjustments required for exercises.
1.5 SF, CFM and BF explicitly asks that you do not attempt any exercise at home that you have not been taught within sessions in the interests of your own safety.
1.6 As outlined in the Screening Form (PARQ), you must immediately stop and notify the Instructor if at any point during the session you feel pain or discomfort. Please note that we work closely with a chiropractor and physio therapist where discounts for members apply and they may be able to assist in preventing any further issues; if you would like to seek the assistance of the staff at The Medical then please request a referral from Annelize by text or email.
1.7 Please be aware that in our classes/sessions there might be a need for physical contact by the instructor for safety in spotting, for skill learning and correcting technique. Your personal privacy will be always considered but not at the risk of your health and ultimate safety of everyone participating.
2.0 – Booking Classes/Sessions:
2.1 Places are reserved on a first come first served basis, subject to availability and only confirmed upon receipt of payment in full and completed forms (Screening Form (PARQ) & Informed Consent and Terms & Conditions). Sessions rarely get fully booked but if they do its important to add yourself to the waiting list as spaces might become available.
2.2 You will not be refunded if SF, CFM or BF exercise their discretion and decide that it is unsafe for you to participate as a result of any of the reasons outlined at section 1 above and are unable to allocate your space in any class/session to another participant.
2.3 If you become injured or ill and unable to continue to attend SF, CFM or BF long term then your membership/class pass could be put on hold for a short period of time but no refunds can be made. Your request will be considered if supported by appropriate medical evidence as per Cancellation Policy stated below at 3.2.
2.4 Please note that your class/session payment may be forfeited if you are deemed unfit to attend any class/session as a result of having deliberately provided incorrect or misleading information in your Screening Form (PARQ) replies or to your Instructor.
2.5 SF, CFM and BF reserves the right to make adaptions to the class timetable at any time, all classes are subject to change at any time. This is to allow but not limited to extreme weather conditions, local area situations, business particular requirements and the like. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date for us to inform you of any last minute cancellations!
3.0 – Class/Session Cancellation & Late Policy:
3.1 Late Policy: If you are late and the warm up has started you may not be allowed to join in a SF, CFM or BF session for your own safety. A safe warm up is essential to ensure that your muscles and joints are prepared for exercise in order to prevent/reduce the risk of injuries.
3.2 Cancellation Policy: SF, CFM and BF reserve the right to exercise their discretion in exceptional circumstances, however you may not be refunded monies paid in advance in respect of classes/sessions you have booked but fail to attend.
3.3 No Show Policy: If you failed to cancel a session within the cancellation period (known as Late Cancel) or contact us prior to the commencement of a session (Facebook Page/Email/Answerphone Message) you will be noted as a ‘No Show’ which could lead to a cancellation charge if it prevented someone else from getting a place on the session that was fully booked.  Its really easy to cancel your booking on the booking app and we do ask that you send us a quick message.
4.0 – Monthly Subscriptions:
4.1 All Subscriptions of SF, CFM and BF are strictly payable per calendar month on the 1st and are not transferrable or refundable.
4.2 Notice Period: At the end of your contracted period (check system but typically 3, 6 or 12 months or monthly rolling contract in some cases) you are required to inform SF, CFM and BF with 2 full calendar months’ notice of any changes to your SF, CFM and BF Subscriptions, no changes can be made after unless we have had 2 full calendar months’ notice, we accept no responsibility if you fail to inform us with the required notice (once the Subscription has been initiated by the booking system) and you will be required to fulfil terms of the Subscription.  For example, if you would like to cancel your subscription and you inform us of this say on the 3rd or 5th or even 15th or any date during the month, 2 more payment will go out before the subscription gets cancelled.
4.2.1 On Hold: SF, CFM and BF Subscriptions can only be placed on hold for 1 month per year with our discretion in the event of long-term illness or injury preventing you from participating, supported by documentary evidence from your doctor and on receipt which SF will keep a copy on your file, if this is during the minimum term required this will therefore extend the minimum terms by the length of time placed on hold.  If you decide to then cancel during or after this time, you will still need to pay your 2 payments for your notice period.
4.2.2 SF, CFM and BF Subscriptions will not be prorated. It is deemed your choice to attend as much or as little as you wish and therefore, we do not accept responsibility for your usage. Subscriptions that have a set numbered limit of classes/sessions or credits per calendar month will not be rolled over if not used within that calendar month unless exception of 4.2.1 applies.
4.3 Late Payment Charges: Subscription fees are strictly payable on the 1st of each month. SF, CFM and BF will not tolerate late payments and will pursue full costs + interest + admin fees. If you need to make late payment for any reason and contact is made and prior arrangements is made then this would be without charges or in order to avoid unnecessary action. However, under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 we can pursue compensation if an invoice is overdue by as little as a day (Late Payment Demand £40 + VAT). Any outstanding costs will incur additional charges to cover 1 x chase up call, 1 x chase up email then a final notice letter (Stage 1 – Letter before Action £35 + VAT) and if necessary Legal Claim or Court Action (Stage 2 – Court Fee £35 / Hearing Fee £27 + VAT), you will be 100% liable for all of these legal and administrative costs. You will not be permitted to book any classes/sessions or services until the account has been settled. Late Payment Charges also apply if 4.2 are breached.
5.0 – PAYG Block Bookings:
5.1 All Block Bookings of SF, CFM or BF are non-transferable; SF Zumba/Yoga/Zuu bundles of 4 sessions or 8 sessions needs to be used within 4 weeks of purchase, CFM Mum and Baby monthly sessions of 4, 8 or 12 sessions needs to be used within the month of purchase (you can do a catchup session by request but needs to be within the same calendar month, CFM Pregnancy Yoga bundles of 4 sessions needs to be used within a a month, 8 sessions withing 2 months and 12 sessions within 3 months, BF bundles of 4 or 8 needs to be used within 2 months from purchase; unless rolled forward in the case of illness/injury preventing you from participating, supported by documentary evidence from your doctor and on receipt which SF, CFM and BF will keep a copy on your file. In such cases your booking can fall outside this timeline on receipt of the appropriate medical evidence.
6.0 – Ad Hoc Events: (Ad Hoc Events including but not exhaustive to KSFL Packages/Specialist courses/Workshops/Master Classes/Photo Shoots)
6.1 Ad Hoc Events: Places for all Ad Hoc Events like master classes or specialist courses are non-refundable, save for in the event of illness or injury preventing you from participating, supported by documentary evidence from your doctor and if SF, CFM and BF are unable to allocate your space in any class/session to another participant. In such cases where your place can be filled by another participant and on receipt of the appropriate medical evidence your booking account will be credited. Nothing in this clause shall preclude you from obtaining a refund if SF, CFM and BF are in serious default of their obligations to you.   Late Policy applies.
6.2 BF Party Packages:   Places for any BF Parties or Hire require min numbers deposit of total fee to confirm booking and the remainder is required no later than 14 days pre-event. Strictly no refunds. Late Policy applies. If you cancel your event, you will lose your holding deposit or any other fees already paid.  If possible, with enough notice (14 days) and availability we would offer a different date where possible but this is down to our discretion.
7.0 – Other Policies:
7.1 Use of your Data Policy: Upon booking you will automatically be added to SF, CFM and BF mailing list and you agree to this unless otherwise stated, emails will be used to notify you of up and coming events and classes, recipes, class cancellations and other general information. This information will not be shared with 3rd parties.
7.2 CCTV and Photography Policy: CCTV is used in the car parking areas for the safety and protection of public and the building, you have the right to ask for access if appropriate which is at the discretion of SF and the landlord.   We also reserve the right to take and use photographic images and videos for use as the business sees fit, unless you expressly state in writing that you do not wish to be photographed, in this case you will be blurred or angled in such a way.
7.3 Child Policies: We have a Child Protection, Anti-Bullying, and Safeguarding Policy, which can be made available on written request for any children classes we might offer.
8.1 Spectator Policy: We have a no spectator in any class policy, this is due to the nature of some classes but also a safety aspect. We do not have any seating available so it would be dangerous to sit on the floor potentially blocking safety exits but also a hazard from a client kicking or stepping on a spectator – for instance. It can also be off putting and distracting for clients to have people stood watching from the side-lines so it is also for our students comfort.  If a friend or family member would like to see what a class is about they can contact us about booking a taster.


8.0 – Car parking:

There are parking spaces available for our clients however you do need to enter your car registration into the tablet on arrival (within 15 minutes of arriving in the car park) to be issued a permit.  This needs to be done for every visit.  If you fail to do this, you will be issued a penalty notice by a 3rd party parking company.  If you ever forget to enter your car registration then please inform us the same day and we can help avoid the penalty notice, however this can incur a small admin fee of £6 +VAT.  Please note you use the car park at your own risk and SF, CFM and BF will not be responsible for any damage, loss of property or for any penalty notices received.



Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall affect your statutory rights.

I have read, understood and accept the Terms & Conditions outlined above.


By booking your session/class you are agreeing to the above Terms & Conditions, you do so every single time you book. This is in addition to your written agreement and PAR-Q.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions.