May 11

Can You Pass This Balance Test!?


Today I want to show you a simple test you can take RIGHT NOW that may give you SURPRISING insights into your current level of health!

It’s the SIT-AND-STAND TEST – and it’s exactly what it sounds like! In this test, you lower yourself to the floor and then rise back up again.

It sounds so simple, right? And it is! But it is also an amazing check of your health.

That’s because it requires STRENGTH, BALANCE, and FLEXIBILITY as well as the ability to COORDINATE it all together!

Now, the point of the sit-and-stand test is to see if you can lower yourself to the floor and then get back up again – WITHOUT assistance.

That means you shouldn’t need to balance on a wall or piece of furniture on the way down, nor use your hands or arms to get off the floor on the way back up.

What’s really cool about this test is that it has been studied pretty extensively. Research shows that this test is actually a solid predictor of longevity.

Ready for this? Researchers in Brazil found that people who needed to use both their hands and feet to get up and down were about 7x more likely to die within 6 years than those who didn’t need to use their hands!

Which sounds CRAZY! But it makes sense when you think about all of the things your body has to be able to do in order to perform the movement successfully … which we’ll talk about in a second!

You can do this test right now … Because I know you’ll want to!

Start by making sure you have a clear area to work in. It’s ideal if you can work in the middle of a room or other area with level ground so that you aren’t tempted to grab the wall or hold onto a piece of furniture.

If you’re worried about falling, make sure you have someone nearby to assist if needed.

Ok, so first you’re going to lower yourself from standing into a sitting position. You can hold your arms out for balance or cross them over your chest if that’s more comfortable.

What you DON’T want to do is put your hands on anything, including a wall, a piece of furniture, or your own legs.

Now, sink straight down from this straight-legged position OR if it feels more natural to you, you can cross your legs — criss-cross-applesauce style — on the way down.

You should end up in a seated position on the floor.

Next, we’re going to stand back up WITHOUT USING OUR HANDS or arms to push off the floor. Again, position your arms however you want– as long as you’re not using them to give yourself lift-off!

You can stand straight up or you can cross your legs again on the way.

Again, what you DON’T want to do is use any kind of assistance to propel yourself back up. Instead, you want to control the action using CORE and LEG STRENGTH, your FLEXIBILITY, and your BALANCE.

That sounds like a lot going on, right? This just goes to show you how incredible the human body really is.

Don’t worry if you find it a little difficult at first! Give it a couple of practice tries before deciding how successful you think you are.

How did you do? Better than you thought you would, or worse? Tell me about it below!

And, if you were a little surprised by your results … I can help you improve your score!

Message me to find out how

I’m here to help you become the healthiest, fittest you that you can be!

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