December 30

Get inspired with this mind-blowing exercise!


I hope you are ready for a big dose of motivation – because that’s exactly what I have for you today.

It’s time to get inspired … I am going to guide you through a really fun (and empowering) exercise. It works for me every time I do it!

If you are on my email list you’ll notice I’ve been talking a lot about this recently- and it’s for GOOD reason! This stuff is incredibly powerful.

Let’s dive RIGHT into the exercise …

Put on your imaginary time-travel glasses and picture yourself ONE year from today.

Think about all the things you want to accomplish between now and then, especially with your health and fitness.

Choose one or two goals you would like to achieve.

Now ask yourself … Think about how things will be different once you reach those goals.

Let go of any limitations … and dream BIG!

Now … hold that image in your head. Remember how it makes you feel!

How would you, your health, your life, confidence, or your overall outlook be different than it is right now?

Now for part 2: Imagine you started working toward that goal exactly ONE YEAR AGO today …

How would you feel if you WOKE up this morning as that person you want to be in one year from now!?

Pretty different, right!? When you look at it this way, it makes it feel even MORE real. And it is 100% possible!!! All it takes is a decision.

I want you feeling this way next year! Proud of yourself, confident, happy, fulfilled.

Because you can’t change the past … but you have the choice to create a different future.

Now – if it were easy to get there, you would ALREADY have reached your goals, right?

So there’s obviously something blocking you. And contrary to what your brain might be telling you, you have total control over that!

Your brain wants to keep you “comfortable” because that’s exactly where it wants you. It may even come up with some “REASONS” (let’s be real….excuses!) not to workout or eat healthier.

Here are a few that I hear a LOT:

→ I don’t have time

→ I haven’t been able to stick with anything in the past

→ Nothing I’ve tried has actually worked for me

→ I can’t commit to a routine

→ I don’t have the energy

→ I’ll get exhausted and too sore

→ I’m worried about getting hurt

→ I’m not motivated enough right now

→ and on and on!

Any of these sound familiar?

Let’s flip that around.

What if instead, you came up with JUST ONE REASON why you SHOULD make it happen, instead of all of the reasons why you “can’t”? Something that has meaning and power for you!

Like that amazing feeling you got when you dreamed how things WILL BE a year from now!

Don’t let another year pass you by. Life is too short not to go for it!

Your goals are right there, waiting for you to conquer them! It’s just up to you to take that first step.

I hope this helps get you FIRED UP!

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